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How it works?

Here at Dotcon we appreciate how unique every business and its infrastructure may be. Therefore, we have developed a hybrid service that combines efficiency and automation with the flexibility of a dedicated team.


  • After we’ve looked over your business case in our free assessment, our Dotcon experts will analyze your business processes and infrastructure and agree on optimal data exchange mechanics.


  • Dotcon will convert your data into Amazon’s acceptable format and match your ASINS against Amazon listings. At the same time, we’ll program an algorithm to match your margin targets.


  • Once Amazon orders start rolling in, Dotcon will feed them back to you in whichever format works best for you. Order confirmations and tracking numbers will be fed back to Amazon on the same principal.


  • Dotcon adjusts quantities and pricing and matches new inventory as needed. The frequency of synchronization is based and dependent on your business specifics.


  • You’ll have 24/7 access to a custom online dashboard, and you’ll receive weekly and monthly reports.


  • In special cases we help facilitate direct Amazon account management and supervision for our clients with new Seller accounts.


All this is done without you ever needing to log into your Amazon Seller account. Dotcon takes the worry out of automating, integrating, and optimizing your Amazon Marketplace sales channel.


Get in touch today to request a free expert assessment. We’ll review your business case and decide together if Dotcon is the right fit for you.

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