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Dotcon Agency co-founds Brand1 Ventures

Dotcon Agency co-founds Brand1 Ventures – a consolidation and growth platform for private-label brands on Amazon

London, June 17

Dotcon, a UK-registered Amazon Seller Account Management Agency, has announced that together with partners it has co-founded Brand1 Ventures – an e-commerce platform that acquires, consolidates, and grows successful private-label brands in selected categories on Amazon Marketplace.

“The new initiative is our way of leveraging years’ worth of experience and know-how in the fast-developing Amazon FBA seller ecosystem,” says Vytautas Sakalas, CEO of Dotcon.

Consolidation of private Amazon FBA brands is gaining momentum as some of the successful product owners choose to monetise their achievements and transition their brands to highly experienced specialist teams – like Brand1 Ventures – that can offer faster growth across countries and channels.

However, most of the consolidation is seen in the USA while the more diverse European markets are somewhat lagging. This is where Brand1 Ventures sees the niche.

“We are comfortable working with brands originating from international markets and see plenty of opportunities for growth by expanding their geographical reach,” continues Mr. Sakalas.

“We also focus only on selected segments like Health and Wellness, Children and Pets, and Home where we have particular expertise.”

In addition to Dotcon’s in-depth know-how of Amazon Marketplace, the founding team of Brand1 Ventures has C-suite professionals with crucial experience in Supply Chain Management of multi-billion retailers and M&A experts with decades of experience in tech investing and investment banking.

Brand1 Ventures is focusing on quick, transparent, and fair acquisitions supported by tech-driven processes. It is also capitalising on Dotcon’s proprietary software and methodology that brings a high level of automation to managing a large number of accounts and SKUs on Amazon Marketplace.

Dotcon is a member of Amazon Service Provider Network.

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